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    Hey there
    I'm having a bit of deja vu
    Dad has falls. Sometimes a spate of them.
    I dread 999 and last time I called community nurse team as a head wound they said call 999 I explained dementia and a&e and they suggested 111. Called them and explained dementia and they got a out of hours community doc who called.
    Dad now wears a wrist alarm so at least if he falls someone is alerted.
    Hope your mum improves

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    I may be wrong , but I don't think anyone has mentioned the benefit and safety of being registered with the local Council Alarm Service [ I live on my own and do not have the benefit of family living close
    I wear a pendant and have a key safe outside the front door
    I have had to call them ( using the alarm pendant ) several times when I have fallen
    and can't get up
    They will call the telephone numbers of people you have nominated in case of emergencies, ( neighbours or family ) or send one of their wardens who will assess the problem , call 999 for an ambulance if necessary
    I have to pay for this service , but if you are on benefits it is free
    It gives some peace of mind to my sons who do not live locally , and for me , although I am reluctant to use it , I feel a lot safer knowing that I have a contact
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    Zimmer frame would be a good idea, though she would need two..and the stairs still an issue
    The main problem is she doesn't remember she needs these things..Already the perching stool has been moved, and she wont..or cant remember to use the stick..
    Last week she saw a lady using a zimmer frame on the news and exclaimed..shoot me if I have to use one of those...even though she would be able to get about safer
    If she had a bad hip and no dementia,she would appreciate she needs to use aids..
    If she just had dementia..we could look after her practical needs etc
    But both is proving hard.

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    And mum would take off the pendant..or not remember what it was..i see aids online that I think would help..but mum wouldn't know why they were there and would remove them
    We ran a phone extension upstairs and moved her phone by her bed sp she could call if stuck upstairs..she didn't remember we put extension ..and had successfully pulled the wire out..making it a trip hazard by the next morning..she fiddles and tidies and moves
    .she was a nightmare when dad was ill,as she kept taking off his pain relief patches, and removing his aids etc,as it was untidy

    Everything different or things out of place, or aids are tidied away, or placed carefully by the front door for us to take away as they aren't hers.. wierd,as she no longer sees if there is stuff dropped on carpets or dust,dirt etc..we clean up that way now...


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