Long winded question, just looking for a few ideas and advice. I know its the old invisibles question again.
We have moved into a nice new supported housing scheme and are finally getting all the housing benefits and that sort of thing sorted, if it wasn't for the road noise I would say we are actually fairly settled and should be happy. It's Cs children who just take me for granted and seem to think if their mum is well dressed there is nothing to worry about. Or we get the other extreme where I am told if I can't cope then put her in a home. Ok, C's daughter has had her own illnesses for about 5 years. I know she has enough to worry about, but it feels like when we go out for lunch I have to try to listen to her, advise her and take her shopping, though she never stops talking about 3 things at once long enough to listen to either advice or our problems. Just cuts her mum off and dismisses her, no compassionate communication or attempts to understand. When I tried to talk about it last week I got a cursory "I know all about that" in a voice which said the complete opposite. If we have to go out for lunch I can't cope with all the negative energy coming from her when it's hard sometimes dealing with her mum's confusion. Can't tell her and can't really abandon her and cut C off from her daughter however hard it is take.

Sorry to ramble, seem to be fighting off depression and anxiety attacks recently. The support here is excellent and I appreciate all my TP friends, but still feel isolated and lonely even in a restaurant full of people.