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    Straight to CH

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    Thank you. I do worry how he will respond but living in his own in a big house seems to make him anxious. He has lived there for 12 years and 10 of those on his own since he and my mum divorced. There are no happy memories there and he is constantly losing things and thinking other people have moved them. Still thinking long and hard
    about the move although Dad cannot carry on as he is but I am unsure he is ready for a CH.
    My Mother has settled down well into a care facility despite our trepidation. The move from a large house to a small house nearer to us coincided with the start of her descent into Dementia.

    I would counsel against a move into the apartment you describe as it may upset him so much that he has a crisis and ends up in a care home shortly afterwards. There are care homes that cater for all needs, suggest you go see a few.

    A final point. Its often those that are closest to the Person With Dementia ( PWD) who are the last to realize how far down the Dementia journey that person is. This was the mistake that we made.
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