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    Mum recently diagnosed with vascular dementia

    Hi, my mum is 81 and has been in hospital for about 10 weeks now, mum is diabetic and has had infection after infection. She became confused and went into a state of delerium not opening her eyes or talking to us but acting like she was reaching out for someone/something and having bad dreams. Eventually she came out of that but still confused and was diagnosed with vascular dementia, she's not been well enough to go home and we were told she would need 24 hr care in a nursing home that specialises in dementia, we were just getting our heads around this when we were hit with the bombshell she will need to be sectioned, mum became angry and upset and said some silly things( which she used to do before she got poorly,) mum has recently lashed out too, so concerned about how her behaviour has changed, have any of you had similar experiences I'm so lost in all this and don't know what to do.

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    As scary as it sounds sectioning can bea good thing as it's get the patient the proper care & treatment.
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