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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
    No I think you're right Saffie. I think I went off tack with playlists! Sorry.

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    I think I might start one for myself in readiness. That should make sure I have what a I want!
    "Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.” Dr. Seuss

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    Why only songs from so long ago? Of course they will be known and have their place but there will be residents in care and nursing homes who grew up with later music and rock' roll so please include some of those too.
    Absolutely. Baby boomers are not going to enjoy being treated like ninety years olds!

    How about some Beatles songs? When I'm sixty four, yellow submarine, Penny Lane, Eleanor Rigby, Here comes the sun, Yesterday and many more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffie View Post
    I think I might start one for myself in readiness. That should make sure I have what a I want!
    I actually have my list of songs. I haven't made the playlist yet but I will soon!
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    Hi, thank you for all your replies. It's actually quite an old post now and I don't do it anymore. Mainly because the care home didn't show me any support, maybe I was naïve but they couldn't even get me a spare chair for a resident when I asked and would interrupt for no reason etc etc. I felt like an idiot.
    But I will look into the songs you suggest for my mum. Thanks.

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    I am finding it very difficult with Justin at 44 and in quite an advanced stage of early onset Alz I am really struggling to find anything to do with him.
    He get very stroppy when I mentioned an early Onset group which he had attended once and said 'you can only drink so much tea' I think probably the others were in their early 60's.
    Music wise its been a disaster cant find anything suitable even the beatles are too early!
    Abba might be the nearest
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    In his forties he would be more likely to have listened to David Bowie and George Michael than Abba. Mind you Abba are always good.


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