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    Hello, I don't really know if I'm posting in the right place. It's 3:22 AM where I live, and I just woke from a horrifying nightmare. In searching the Internet, I see that this is common. I get so terrified during my nightmares. This time I thought someone was in my home, then realized it was auditory hallucinations, not yet realizing I was actually asleep. I tried to call my ex husband but my phone wouldn't work. In the dream I came in to my living room and there were people everywhere, I thought I was going crazy. I got so mad that I grabbed a board and started beating all these people, really bad. I was thinking, I know this isn't real, so just beat them and get rid of them. Finally I woke from that dream and now I'm up and writing this. I'm alone now, I have no partner or husband and I'm so terrified when I try to sleep. I worry that if I hurt people knowing they're not real, that I might someday think they're not real when they really are. I'm a gentle person, this dream is out of character for me. I'm getting afraid to live alone. I don't know what to do. Night before last I had all the horrifying people in my home, but then my dad came and sat on my bed. It didn't comfort me because I was aware that he's been dead for over 20 years. I'm only 54 years old. Please give me advice if you have any. Thanks, Dwayne

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    Dwayne, welcome to TP, I am sorry you are plagued with nightmares and hallucinations, maybe your Doctor could help, I know some medications can make this worse so may now would be a good time for you to have a word with someone.
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    Meditation helped me with nightmares.


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