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Thread: So bizarre !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy in the US View Post
    An early morning for Ann, but a late (sleepless) night for me, I fear! Here is wishing for more sleep for both of us.
    There are advantages to early morning rising though, Amy - I sped off in the car for 15 minutes of photography to capture the sunrise - such a pretty morning
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    Evening all,

    What a lovely photo Ann! I find the only problem with sunrise is that it happens so early in the day . . .

    Sending (((hugs))) to the sleepless peeps, I know how much harder everything is when you are tired

    Ann, I am soooo sorry to hear about your friend's father. It is so sad when people have to fight so hard for things they are entitled to, at a time when they are already under a huge emotional load

    I'm also sorry that you are having to work so many hours and that you are stressing about things you cannot do I know you love your job but you do need more 'life' in the work/life balance!

    Patch looks very sweet, I'm glad he has found a lovely home and has settled so well

    Amy, it's good to hear that your mum is free of C Diff symptoms. Also that you have managed to get on top of some of the admin, I know how difficult it can be to rest when something like that is hanging over us.

    Red, what fantastic news about your daughter!

    Jm, I'm glad that your daughter's physical health looks to be improving. I hope her behaviour is following suit! I'm sorry that you suffered multiple miscarriages, I have seen how hard that can be to deal with (((hugs)))

    Spamar, I hope that the funeral went well today and that you are now able to sprawl to your heart's content

    Skycat is doing very well, thank you. Hubby really thinks she is over her illness, I am still reserving my judgement but am glad for every day she is well Alf is lying on our bed at the moment, stretched out but keeping a sharp eye on Sky!

    Mum was alert again when we visited but appears to have 'decided' that it is less trouble to communicate via facial expressions rather than trying to speak. She enjoyed chocolate and a cake today, while she can do that I reckon she is pretty much OK!

    It has been really nice here today, the temp got up to 19C although it was only 7 when I left for aquagym this morning. I'm not sure what the weekend is supposed to bring . . .


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