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    Quote Originally Posted by Grannie G View Post
    SE Kent has a Wellness Programme, for all who are over 50, called Ageless Thanet. There is an open day today to showcase what is available so we will go and give it a whirl.
    That sounds great Sylvia, I hope you find some great ideas there
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    At least going there is a positive thing to do Sylvia.
    I hope something attracts you.
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    There is usually an excellent turnout for these events which shows how willing people are to seek out pastimes and hobbies to suit them.

    There is a large ageing population in this area and many are very active.

    When I get on the buses during term time, all the seats are filled by over 60s ready to go out and about.

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    I went to see what was available through the U3A and was amazed that many of the activities were over subscribed so great to see all that was there to do but sadly not available. It does show how we, of a mature age, are wanting to be doing and learning.
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