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    sleepless nights

    My father has alzheimers and has trouble sleeping. It started when he went into respite for 2 weeks about about a month ago. His gp prescribed tamazepam but it had little or no effect. My mother, who is his main carer cannot cope and is wanting him to go into care because she is exhausted. She feels she could cope if he slept. She is very independent and accepts limited help from us - I have 2 brothers and a sister We are all willing to do whatever it takes to keep him at home to support Mom. Dad is 82 and has had alzheimers for 6 years and is now stage 3. Mom is 78.

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    Mum is on quetiapene, its supposed to help someone sleepy. It has helped me a lot as if i give her the tablets about 30 minutes before going to bed she seems more willing to go, although when we had decided to wean her off them to go onto something else it was a nightmare trying to get her to bed and to fall asleep, needless to say we scrapped that idea and she is back taking the quetiapene. Mum will get up to go to the toilet, so on the odd occasion (usually when she has a UTI) the quetiapene seems to be useless, but its something i don't think i could do without.
    Some on here have used mitrazepine (i take that) which is supposed to make someone sleepy (doesn't for me), i would talk to your Dr and see what they suggest.


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