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    thought it was going too well.............

    Mum has been in CH since Sept '12 She settled well much to our surprise
    She takes several tablets for physical problems and has lost a lot of weight (3 dress sizes) but seemed to be generally well.
    Visited her Friday and the manager told me she had hardly eaten for 3 days. She looked really frail, grey and not herself. She had 2 "accidents" in the hour I was there. Today I had a phone call to say they had called the GP as she is still not eating and still has diarrhea GP has told them to stop her diabetic tabs (Metformin) as these can cause problems. She's been on them for years

    Just needed to off load, thanks.

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    A thought that crossed my mind when reading your post was...
    Do you know if there has been a bug going round the care home?

    My mum has recently had a tummy upset - no vomiting - and she does seem very "under the weather" there was an outbreak of tummy troubles (but not V&D I was told), so perhaps our mums have a similar bug?

    I am seeing mum today so will assess what I think it is. I am finding that even though mum has been in the care home for 6 months, I am still better than the carers at recognising when mum is unwell, and it's not just her dementia.

    Thinking of you
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    Sorry to hear your mum is not too good at present. I was also wondering if it could be some sort of a bug. It’s terribly worrying when someone won’t eat, we went through a similar scenario following dad having a UTI before Christmas. He reacted badly to the antibiotics and his appetite went. Do check she’s drinking well as that’s really important with diarrhoea as dehydration can quickly set in. It’s so hard with dementia as the person concerned often can’t tell you how they’re feeling to give any clues. Hope she picks up soon and if you can sit in when the GP visits to ask questions direct that’s always helpful. Very best of luck


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