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    Members may be interested in the following article printed in the Mature Times
    It emphasises once more that the treatment of aged and disabled people in care in the home is a National disgrace
    Why do we tolerate it ????????
    We perhaps more than many people witness this happening so often
    We know that without any changes WE will be victims at some time in the future
    But nothing is done
    Just think next week we will be expected to vote for a Police and Crimes Commissioner
    The cost of the election alone £millions , 41 commissioners at minimum salary £
    Supporting services extra cost (voting expected to be about 18% the lowest ever )
    And we are expected to believe that the abysmal care now provided is because of Financial reasons
    Words that I can ’t use o n TP leave me exasperated
    jimbo 111

    Pressure put on carers because of budget cuts in Scotland

    Extracted from article

    -----“Cathy Leech, chairwoman of the Scottish pensioners forum, told the panel that cuts in frontline services is having a huge impact on retired people and the carers themselves.
    She said: "The cutback in services is atrocious. There is so much pressure being put on carers. A care worker recently told me that she earns around £50 for a five hour shift.
    "In that five hours she has to see 15 very elderly patients that need to be helped out of bed, showered, dressed and fed.
    "It's not enough time, how can they justify that? Also if your work it out each person is getting around £3 worth of care from the carer.
    Scotland's old people are worth more than that.
    "I would like to see a whole reshuffle of where money is going. The money is there but it is being wasted on private companies that aren't providing an adequate or correct standard of care --------- “

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    Thanks for the link, Jimbo.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo 111 View Post
    Why do we tolerate it ????????
    You know the answer to your question already, Jimbo.

    We can do nothing about it.

    We all shout / scream / holler ... but it makes no difference. Nobody listens. Nothing changes.

    Snails make more progress.

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    Its an absolute disgrace Jimbo! As for the length of time given to carers to do the caring, that is the biggest problem of all. In my area carers are given fifteen minute slots to do the caring - yes I did say fifteen minutes!!!

    Do I need to say any more??

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything....

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    You know the answer to your question already, Jimbo.

    We can do nothing about it.

    We all shout / scream / holler ... but it makes no difference. Nobody listens. Nothing changes.
    The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. It always seems to end up like this, somebody tells us about some truly shocking situation and we all voice our outrage, but as JPG1 says, in the quote above, nothing changes. It is said that engaging with bureaucracy is like having sex with an elephant, its not easy,it takes a long time, there's no pleasure in it and of course if there is a result it will be in the distant future. But change is desperately needed, so who can take on the elephant?

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    There is an old saying,"the more things change the more they stay the same"


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