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    Outline the medical and social model of dementia.

    Hi if anyone could help with these that would be fabulous Thank you

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    I think you need to do your own research, or at the very least, bother to expand on what your teacher (I assume that's where the question came from) is asking.

    I realise this sounds rude, but frankly, I'm rather tired of students coming here and asking people with dementia and their carers to do their course work for them.

    Look on the main AS website and go through the fact sheets. In fact, here's the link.

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    Hello Drea, and welcome to the forum.

    If you know how to Google - you'll come up with a lot of info to help you. There's nothing wrong with learning how to Google effectively.

    It's the modern reference library - but only if you use it wisely.

    Just remember not to "copy & paste" or you'll be in trouble.

    Nip into the library and look up Tom Kitwood :

    Ask yourself a few questions:

    Is that enough to set you on the road?

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    It would have been nice, on a site such as this to have introduced yourself, especially as you are asking for help.

    First you need to examine the word 'dementia'. What exactly does this word mean?

    A medical professional described it to me as 'a word used to describe the symptoms which occur when the brain is affected'.

    Pick up on the word 'symptoms' here (find out what the symptoms of the various dementias are) How do these symptoms present themselves medically? (In other words how would a local GP first be presented and what would be presented - behavour which is affecting every day living of course)

    On the social side - how do the symptoms affect society/carers? The costs to carers? The costs to society ie., the National Health System, the local authorities etc.,

    On the treatment side which includes both the social and medical - what is the usual pathway to treatment in view of the fact that at present there is no cure?

    All of these you must research for yourself.

    Good luck but don't expect people here on talking point to give you answers. They are at the pointed, sharp end of the 'model' you are wishing to describe and are suffering both emotionally, physically, and financially!

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