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    Mixing Days and Nights

    My grandma has had dementia for a few years now but recently she has started to get confused with what time of day it is. Regularly she is now getting up at 2/3am and getting dressed thinking that it is 9am and then on a night she is asking when it is lunch time. My mam is her main carer but looking after her is starting to put a pressure of everyone in my house. I was just wondering if there was anyone else in the same boat so to speak who could give me some sort of advice? It has been suggested by an elderly mental health nurse that my grandma attend day centres but my grandma point blank refuses to go to them or have any sort of social involvement when initially asked, but then 10 minutes later cannot remember what the conversation is about. This then means that we are basically left to care for her by ourselves as she is pretty stubborn when she wants to be.

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    I think you will find that others have similar problems. My Mum often did not go to bed at all when she was living in her own home, and she would then walk constantly during the day so she was exhausted, but could not stop. So I do not think that day time activities necessarily solve night time problems.

    We did on Dr's advice try medication to help her sleep when she was living with me, but she was so terrified of how it made her feel that it really was not a help.

    Now she is in the care home, it has settled her into a much better routine, she goes to bed later than others and gets up early but she does go to bed and have some sleep. However sleeping for only a short time, is not a problem when there are night staff on duty.

    I am not sure from your post, but assume your Grandma is living with you. If she wakes in the early hours, could she go to bed later? Is her room light at night, does that confuse her when she wakes? I know from when Mum was with me, it is exhausting if you do not get your own sleep. Might be worth discussing with GP, sorry not to have an answer. Hope others will be along who can help.


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