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Thread: Where am I?

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    Where am I?

    The last 4 weeks have again been life changing for Nan and I. She was only home for 2 weeks before she fell again and broke the same hip. She has been home since Monday and things are more difficult than before.

    I don't know how much of her mood/behaviour is down to her memory problems or the fact she is now adjusting to being unable to do things fro herself. Until the 1st fall she was still relatively independent but now she is totally reliant.

    Carers are back coming in 4x a day but I now do the bedtime shift every night to attempt the prevention of her moving around alone. She has been incredibly confused since returning home and sometimes believes she's somewhere else. She does not remember visitors at all and does not appear able to use the phone anymore. She is doubly incontinenent and have to admit I struggle dealing with this during my visits.

    The things I do to help seem to be getting more and more and although I want to help make life easier for Nan and provide her with someone consistant and familiar some of what I do for her is having a negative affect on me.

    Mum is currently visiting every other day but then moans about how little Nan remembers and these visits (according to Mum) will be dropping to once a week in June. I am finding it hard to manage the selfishness when I am doing all I can to help.

    I have so much more I need to say but too tired to do it. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself but I know life for my nan must be far worse so her need supercedes my own.

    One day at a time

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    You poor thing. Of course you aren't complaining you must be exhausted. You need to talk to SS and ask for more help. If you carry on as you are you will become unable to do anything for your Nan. You need to put yourself first now to enable you to help Nan too.
    Does Nan have a CPN? Or talk to her GP.
    missing what has gone and scared of what is to come


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