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    Challenging section 3

    My Dad was sectioned on section 2 , 6 weeks ago, after a difficult day with him, at this point he never had not had a dementia diagnosis. ( he desperately needed help but refused to acknowledge he needed it ) He was placed in a specialist hospital and has been getting much worse since being there , he hates it there and get very angry that he is in, a prison ( as he sees it) and has to deal with other people that can be very difficult and aggressive and unfortunately he responds with aggression. He was never aggressive before going into this hospital. They reviewed after 28 days and told him he had to stay and they were moving onto section 3 and he became very angry and upset, causing problems and has to be restrained ( well I guess so from the bruising). They have since been drugging him and he has become very depressed and muddled and confused ( much more than ever before). We sort of accepted it as we thought perhaps we hadn't really seen how bad he had become and we knew he needed help, and we thought they were the experts and knew what they were doing.

    On Wednesday he had a funny turn ( suspected stroke) and he was taken to the local general hospital, where he has been more compliant and allowed then to treat him ( something he wouldn't do at the specialist hospital. ( they have been putting drugs in his food and drink) Although he is still confused he has returned after a couple days off the drugs, to his pre sectioning state and is calm and managing quiet well. He has been told today he is going back after the weekend to the specialist hospital and has got really angry and un compliant again.
    We tried to explain he needs to stay calm and his is managing to keep his anger at bay again.

    It has been suggested by the normal hospital doctor that we should think about objecting to the section 3 as he has some mental capacity and that the turn he had could have been caused by some of the drugs they are giving him. They have done loads of test and physically he is ok for his age. despite a lot of medical issues.
    My question (sorry to have taken so long to get there ) is. If we object and they take him off sectioning, will he just end up going home? because that would be as bad as he needs help which he has always refused. Also can we do it on his behalf??

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    Firstly i am sorry to hear the problems you are experiencing and the difficult situation you are in.
    My Dad is also in an assesment hospital and its been a real roller coaster ride , similar to what you are experiencing.

    A section 3 is in place because the doctors deem you dad to be in a vunerable position wherby he is confused and not able to fully make decisions for himself, this means he cannot refuse medication and treatment, however the positive side is that they also are responsible for paying for all your dads ongoing care.

    Its highly likely your dads agression is due to the medication he is taking . my dad was the same , i was constantly getting phone calls about an aggressive incident which was a nightmare, they did not happen until he was in the assesment centre, eventually its been sorted out and he has had no further agressive episodes for a couple of weeks.

    Has your Dad had a formal diagnosis as yet, or what type of dementia do they belive he has?, they must have an idea in order to treat him.

    Dad was having agressive episodes and eventually i agreed to a very low dose anti pychotic risperodol, whilst its not ideal to give these drugs it can help for a couple of weeks and they certainly did the trick for dad.

    My dads also now on Ebixa and the change in him has been almost unbelivable, 3 weeks ago i did not think dad would ever come home, he was terrible, and he had no grasp on where he was , basically nothing, now its almost like seeing a different person, he is talking and makes sense, calm, sleeping to the point they have lifted his section and he is coming home for the weekend.

    Have you spoken to the consultant on ward round days?, i have done this nearly every week for the past 6 weeks, i pushed for the drugs that has helped him mainly through just sheer reasearch and made them aware i wanted to know whats going on every step of the way.

    I just wanted to say there is hope , i have felt in the depth of despair some days and its amazing how things can change, a lot of it is to do with sorting the right medication and this can take a very long time.

    Best wishes x

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    Hi - have you seen this factsheet on the Mental Health Act?

    The Mind website also has a lot of useful information on sectioning.

    Challenging the section 3 shouldn't exclude your dad from help, but you might consider the financial advantages that should follow under section 117 for someone who has been detained under section 3.

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    Dad has now had a diagnosis of Vascular dementia. `My sister has been very proactive being in most days, whereas I go twice a week as `I life further away. We know he is on an anti physcotic drug ( sorry am rubbish at the names) but its very hit and miss as he has guessed they are putting it in his food and so is no longer eating, unless it comes out of a sealed packet. and now they are putting it in his tea he knows about it, so is not always drinking his tea unless he makes it himself. He is very paranoid but everything he is paranoid about to be honest, exactly what is happening, so in a way it makes us worry that he is much more aware than the doctors think.
    I think the concern has come as he seems better without the meds. He needs help, we are just worried it has gone from one extreme to another.


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