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    Opinions and strong feelings needed please! x


    I'm currently writing an article for my University assignment on plans for a dementia clinic to shut and was wondering if any of you could help me.

    I feel extremely strongly about writing about how it will affect not only residents but also friends and families. I would extremely appreciate it if some of you could reply with your views about why these centres are so important. I know how difficult it can be for those caring for family with dementia and your help would be thoroughly appreciated.
    Thank you very much! X

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    Hello emi,

    One of our members TinaT is a very strong campaigner as she has had to deal with this first hand. I can only recommend that you do the work by reading her threads and responses which may lead you to further responses.
    Here is a link which may be a good starting point

    Love and best wishes
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    Hi Welcome to TP

    I feel its dreadful that such places are being closed down, Its hard enough looking after a person with dementia without the powers that be (ptb), keep pulling the rug out from under our feet

    I believe that services for older people which includes those with dementia, are seen as an easy target for cost cutting, the ptb's dont seem to realise that in the long run it will end up costing far more, not only in monetary terms either, sufferers and carers lives and health for instance

    I am also concerned about younger people with dementia, their is virtually nothing out their for them

    I wish you luck

    Daughter and former carer

    If only I could have Hindsight beforehand, oh what a difference it would make .

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    Hello, emi.

    Could I ask for some clarification? You say you are writing an assignment? Is this part of nursing training or a health and social care course? Is it ‘campaign’ motivated?

    I ask – having been involved with a number of students and researchers through requests on TP for some years now – in that I like to understand some background of their projects before committing time to getting involved.

    Closures of services can of course become a political minefield- and TP is not the place for such. I am interested to know the objectives behind this assignment and why it means whatever it does to you personally.

    I am also unclear what you mean by a ‘dementia clinic’ – you mention residents ..... (which to my mind infers 24/7 residential care) .... so that would not be a clinic? Is the threatened closure part of an NHS restructure? (memory clinics a well known term which might have CPNs etc at the helm), cuts from the LA for day care provision? – or support from such as Admiral Nursing or paid AS (or any other charity’s) staff to support a ‘dementia cafe’ type structure? I am really not quite clear where you are drawing your own line between ‘clinic’ and ‘centre’.

    Is this all hypothetical???? or is there some specific 'care facility' (clinic/centre/emi unit) in mind?

    I hope after some clarification you may find some more helpful responses and would be more than happy to help if it supports raising awareness of and/or campaigning for care provision.

    Regards, Karen, x

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I am writing a news article about a dementia centre shutting down. For my assignment I am interested in focusing on how it will affect those involved.

    I am extremely grateful to those of you who have replied and taken the time to help me. I thoroughly appreciate your kindness.



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