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    Mum won't sleep!!

    Hi everyone and a very early good morning!!!
    Just spent the first night on my own with my mum. My dad is mums full time carer and had to go into hospital yesterday for a minor operation and a one night stay. The whole day went very well until bedtime! I had tried to explain to mum that dad was away tonight and that i will be in the next bedroom so she would not be on her own.
    Well she went off to sleep after lots and lots of questions for about 2 hours and then has been up and out of bed wandering really since then (went to bed at 10.30!!). I tried sleeping with her, chatting in bed, and eventually the birds starting singing and i suggested getting up and having a nice cup of tea which she gladly agreed with. Bless her!

    Well i think we both will sleep well tonight!! As i lay in bed trying to get mum to sleep at 2 this morning it reminded me of when i had my last child 14 years ago when nights like this were very common but like all mums we forget them quickly! Not so sure i will forget this one so quickly.

    Have a lovely weekend all of you.

    A very sleepy Busybee


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    Good morning Busybee, sorry you didn't get much sleep, I hope this is a one off and that you both have a good nights sleep tonight when your dads home , it is like the sleepless nights when you have a new baby isn't it .

    Jeany x
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    Oh dear. Sorry you had such a hard night. My mum used to do that but then she'd sleep all day andI had to go to work. Hope she sleeps well tonight.
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