September 1st 2012 sees us (2 brothers) setting off, from London, to begin a world record journey on a Tuk Tuk (Thai 3 wheeled Taxi). This is the longest journey ever attempted by one of these vehicles and will take in the seven modern wonders of the world and covering 4 continents. Taking in world heritage sites and other sites of interest on the journey.

We are doing this for two charities, one of which is the Alzheimer's Society, we are looking to raise the profile of this massive adventure in order to raise as much awareness and money for the treatment of dementia throughout the UK!

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We would really appreciate any helpful tips and advice from anywhere you live or have travelled that will help us to achieve this world record.
We would also really like it if you could share this link as much as possible so we can raise as much awareness as possible.


Tuk The High Road