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    Why do i need a c.o.p to deal with my wife of 52 years financial affairs.we need to sell a property that was left to us but it is in my wifes name to pay for her care home now she has demencia

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    If your wife's condition is such that she is incapable of handling her financial affairs the Court of Protection take over that responsibility. The usual way is to appoint a deputy.
    The purpose of this is to protect the vulnerable person from exploitation.

    I assume that the house in question is not the marital home in which case she would not have to sell it if you remained resident in it.

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    Hello Putter.

    It is possibly because you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney [ POA] and your wife no longer has the capacity to agree to one.
    If my presumption is incorrect perhaps someone with more knowledge will post.

    Failing that, please phone the Helpline.


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    I assumed that you did not have either an enduring or lasting power of attorney.

    If you do have either you still should inform the COP about the sale of the property, it's just belt and braces.

    Contact the OPG about precisely what you should do, they are very helpful


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