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    up date on lyn three years on

    hi all been a long time since i posted on tp, im sorry to all the new firends i made on here that i did not keep in contact, we have moved into a bungalow a year ago and lyn has settled in very well.I have started driving lessons as lyn had to give up his driving three years ago, i am not finding it easy but will fight on.Lyn has frontal loabe dementia he has good and bad days we are members of a lunch club which lyn enjoys very much we meet up once every 2 weeks ,
    we have contact with the alzhimers group called good2 go we meet up for lucnch once a month and have a social evening playing skittles to which lyn realy enjoys,its been a very hard few years and i think without tp i would not of gone through the first year i had so much good advice and understanding from firends on tp and would of not been able to get through without them so please accept my apolagies for not being around but im back now and feel that i need to be part of tp as our journy with dementia goes on xx

    Jan, wife and carer

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    Hi Jan
    Pleased to meet you though I wasn't a member when you joined - I hope it helps you to be back posting again. X

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    Dear Jan,

    Easter Greetings to you and Lyn I remember you and Lyn very well and you have often been in my thoughts. There is no need to apologise for not being present on Talking Point. We all have to dip in and out as our needs change. It does sound very positive that you have some support in your local community.

    I can imagine the upheaval and stress of moving house. I have one up for sale at the moment and I know what that's like and I'm not managing someone with a dementia!!

    I hope that you will soon settle back here and that you will continue to get the help and support that you need.

    GOOD LUCK with the driving lessons Let us know when you pass - we'll celebrate

    Wife and Carer

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    Hello Jan

    Welcome back to TP. It`s good to see you here again .

    I hope Lyn coped with the move and didn`t have problems relating to his new home. A bungalow will make life so much easier for you. xx


    Former Carer

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    Hi Jan,
    I read your thread because you posted on the Younger People with Dementia.
    I am a little selfish as I think I am where you were three years ago.
    My husband is 54 years old and has been unwell for over two years - we still have no diagnosis - seen by neurologist and neuro psychologist 18 months ago. We have finally had a referral to see psychiatrist and I am becoming rather impatient as I would like you also like to move to a bungalow while my husband still is able to take on the change in environment.
    My husband has had numerous scans and I dont understand why we cant have a diagnosis.
    Please are you able to tell me how you finely got a diagnosis for your husband? Which profession was happy to commit to the diagnosis and who told you i.e GP or consultant and were you both told? We have two teenage children and they both seam to have a greater need to know to enable to give them a better understanding.
    Thanks Jan and all the best
    Lis x


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