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    Looking after my husband, is this making my memory worse.

    My husband has just been told he has Vascular dementia due to strokes, this has taken over two years to get to this stage. Our doc on being asked said just let him enjoy himself, dont stop him doing what he wants. My problem is although i have looked after him for 19 years due to mental health problems I find my memory is getting bad. we spent nearly 5 years in the house because of my husbands illness, havent mixed socially in that time. It is now 4-30am & no sleep again, i have no help at all . Any words of wisdom please.

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    I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you. I just wanted to welcome you to TP.

    I'm sure others will be along with some advice later.
    Love Sal xx

    Carer to Grandad until he passed away 1st January 2014

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    Hello Yorkie. I am sorry to hear about your husband but hope you find support and help here.

    It seems you need more outside help! Not sure whether you have had Assessments through Social Services. Both your husband you as his carer are entitled to one. This factsheet explains and may give you an idea of what help you should get:

    I also suggest you telephone the local branch of the Alzheimer's Society as they will know what local support there is.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are getting along.
    Best wishes
    Former Carer

    'Hope is a lover's staff, walk hence with that and manage it against despairing thoughts' (Shakespeare)[/SIZE]

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    hiya i am new to this site so just seen your comments. i am 43 and look after my mum in law and i find i forget a lot more now myself, i was concerned but i have being told by family and friends that they believe i forget cos of my role of caring and having too much to think about....i find there is so much to take in as well as keeping my home going.

    Do you get a break from caring ? i think it might be cos of the amount of time you give of yourself and trying to cope with too much.... its just a thought.

    Dont know whether this helps..take carexx

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    Stress can cause memory problems as can Depression and you certainly appear to have just cause for either of these to be affecting you. Could you manage to get out of the house occasionally, just to relax and a walk maybe? I'm sorry if that sounds trivial, but sometimes it is the little things that can help - or break you, come to that.


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