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    ADvice about Dad

    I am newly arrivbed in Australia (Queensland) for a four week holiday. I am staying at Dad's tonight for a week. He is in the early stages of ASD and has carers to visit five days a week. He is chipper, cheerful and loving but forgets things and repeats a lot. He goes to a Day Care Centre once a week and the group does something the next day. How do I cope? How do I react and what to do to make things easier? He does remember me but forgets who the family is and forgets that I know my brother, his son as he calls it. He asks me"Do you know my son?" My hubby is in the end stage in a nursing home in England and I fear for Dad. I am quite tearful. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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    Hi Boomerang
    Welcome to Queensland . Sorry you have had to face all these problems. I live in Brisbane but my Mum is in UK with end stage Alzheimers, so I don't have any experience of Alzheimer/Dementia support here.
    It seems your Dad has a care package in place. I know it must be very confronting for you to see him like this but if you are only visiting for a week I would 'go with the flow' and try to enjoy your time with him. Could you speak to his Dr? Have you any other family here
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    Hi Boomerang. Like Nanak I think you should just go with the flow and provide any kind of support that feels right. It must be hard for you seeing your dad like this and having your husband in the end stages at home. No wonder you're tearful. x
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    Hello Boomerang

    I imagine it must be a shock to see your dad like this especially as you have been unable to grow with his progression. The last time you saw him he was probably so different.

    Like the others I say go with the flow if you can however much you are shocked. It puts a lot of pressure on you which is one of the reasons why you are so tearful . I`m sorry your visit won`t be as enjoyable as you`d like.


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