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Thread: New NHS website

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    New NHS website

    Hiya all, please find below the link for the new website i have been advising on which i said a little about this morning. What makes this one so different is instead of it just being a national one, if you type in your own area at the top, (its only availiable in the south west at the moment but will be rolled out nation wide in the near future hopefully) it tells you services are availiable near you at the touch of a button so to speak. Also there is a forum where you can talk with others about similar problems.
    The reason why this is so cutting edge is that eventually you will be able to rate the services you have (Similar to "Trip Advisor" ) and people will be able to see which services are performing better than others !!! That in turn will force those sevices not performing so well to do so, as they will also be monoitored by those that be, in the NHS and Goverment !! this is all to do with transparency so we, jo public can gauge whats really going on. Please have a look and tell me what you think. Its taken a while to get together and is still work in progress but it will be nice to know what my friends think, also please leave a message on the site itself as well about how you think it looks, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxx
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    Hi Norrms,
    It looks very good. Where do you go to leave a comment rather than a question?
    You and Elaine must be exhausted after all your work this week!
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