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    End of Life care plan

    The NH has asked hubbie to complete an end of life care plan for his mum, just in case the antibiotics for the chest infection don't have the desired effect She doesn't have a living will, so we are trying to imagine what she would want given certain circumstances.

    He has decided that he doesn't want her taken to hospital and for her to remain in the NH as she is comfortable there. This will obviously not happen if she has a fall and breaks something, as she will be taken to A & E. He has stated that he wishes her to be kept as comfortable and as pain free as possible. The nursing staff are fully qualified to give morphine etc. Is there anything else that we should put down?

    Sorry for what seems a daft question, but this is the first time we have ever had to do something like this.

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    Hi there. The only thing I can think of is if you want intervention to keep her alive, like resucitation, or peg feeding , or intravenous antibiotics. Not sure myself as never had to do it yet either, but my friend recently died from Motor Neurone, and she said to be kept comfortable and pain free as possible, no resucitation, and the one thing she was frightened of was choking to death as she had great trouble swallowing5, and they assured her she would not choke .

    They were right, she was put into twilight sleep really and just slept away. with all her family round her.


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    We put stuff like

    No aggressive antibiotics
    No hospital admission if possible
    Kept comfortable
    No peg feeding
    Good pain relief
    No pressure to eat or drink (sometimes it can feel like mum is pushed to eat too much)
    Soft lighting
    Soft voices
    TV on quietly
    Curate contacted for prayers
    Family informed

    Hope this helps xxxx

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    Thank you for bringing up this subject today Mincat because right at this moment I am struggling to fill in a similar form for my mum at the Care home's request.

    Although mum & I talked about this in the past I'm finding it extremely difficult to put it into black & white.

    The suggestions from Pied & Jeanette have been very helpful to me so Thank You to both of them too.


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    I had to complete such a plan as this the evening my husband entered his nursing home. It was a bit of a shock to say the least as I was feeling very upset and tearful from the his just having to be transferred from hospital to the home.

    In addition to what has already been mentioned, I had to say whether he would want his family around him and also - which really upset me - the name of the undertakers I wanted to be called. The reason was explained that the home would be acting in my place and, if it was the middle of the night and they couldn't contact me for some reason, they needed everything in place.

    I got over it, but did feel that it could have been more sensitively timed!

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    There was one in place for my aunt but last week her GP sent her to hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She has been on intravenous fluids, intravenous antibiotics and oxygen for a week. They think she is responding to the treatment and is now taking fluids and antibiotics orally. But now they don't know what to do with her because they think she will just relapse if they send her back to her care home.

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    Thanks everyone for responding.

    The forms have now been completed with the suggestions that we felt were right and we have dropped them off this evening to the nursing staff.

    Very odd feeling, but I suppose it's all part of this awful process................


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