• When I was diagnosed with having Lewy Body Dementia we lost some friends, who we thought were very close, but I put that behind me as it proved that they were not so close.

But why is it when you get this illness, people don't stop to ask "YOU" how you are, but ask your wife or caregiver, who is standing right next to you.

Its not as if we are ghosts or contagious, and its something which really annoys me at times and I just have to walk away and leave them to it.
Some people will shake my hand but never look into my eyes.

I confess that I don't really understand this attitude and in this day and age people should be more understanding. I suppose its a form of stigma, or they have unhappy memories of family members from the past, but when you are stood in front of them it would be so easy to look straight at us and ask directly.

I know Alzheimer's has the disease term after it but dementia does not, yet they are both classed as forms of dementia.

I remember once being asked at a conference it the illness was contagious, and I was staggered, but I suppose its because people assume all diseases are contagious, so then I ask myself why dementia is called a disease? because if it was not, it would save a lot of problems and possibly the stigma which goes with it.

Has anyone else had similar problems to this.