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    I am in a bit of a panic.........

    I have a hospital appt. on Tuesday, for my Glaucoma at the Northampton General. The plan was that,as we no longer have a car, the volunteer transport people would take me to the hospital and we would drop Trevor at my daughter's which is on the way. She has to go to work at 11.30am but uni student grandson will be in the house after that.
    Now Trevor is flatly refusing to go.
    What to do?
    I can't make him go if he won't; he has been particularly trying this last two weeks, he really does not know what he is doing most of the time. I don't feel he is safe to leave on his own, Grandson does not drive and we are 6 miles from daughter.
    I feel really sick, worrying about him.

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    Hello Margaret

    I found it best if I did not tell Dhiren in advance as he just got mixed messages which added to his confusion.

    If your daughter and grandson feel able to cope, just say nothing more but do as you planned.


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    How much would a mini-cab be to get your grandson and then take him back? It would be a lot easier all round if you didn't have to get Trevor ready to go out.

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