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    whats happening to me is this a side affect of depression/aging/dementia/altzeimers?

    whats happening to me is this a side affect of depression/aging/dementia/altzeimers or something else?

    my short term thoughts and memories seem to dwindle very fast daily and my long term memories are failing me at a steadier but alarming rate

    i find the visual memory i used to have is just about gone or none existent

    when i used to visuilize in the past the pictures and thoughts used to originate in the front of my mind above my eyes things where bright and vivid

    when i try to visualise now i feel sensations of activity or neurons firing whatever its called in other areas of the brain but dont feel anything on the front part of my brain

    im not sure even how to activate this part of my mind anymore or any memories i have forgot

    its just mainly black now pretty much motionless and pictureless at all times

    because of this and the memory loss things are really tough to explain and do

    i feel as if what is happening is gaining quicker momentum the longer it goes on

    its as if parts of me are shutting down

    i feel very unsure and confused of how to fight back mentally or physically

    when i first noticed memory loss it was what id say normal

    like loosing things forgetting names dates etc the frequency was neither here nor there mostly ageing i think

    then after a length of time what id forget would elevate like from forgetting random items names every now and again

    to it becoming little random things quite daily then after some time moved forward to where i was beggining to forget things that happened over lenghts of time like

    5 minutes of a conversation or a chunk of a television program when i was watching or talking

    after a while it started happening over longer lengtht of time like hours or more in my day then started the weeks

    im at a point now where i cant seem to recall much other than bad events over the past years

    it seems time and my life are deleting themselves and i have no way of stopping it

    i have tried to tell my gp and other people about the memory loss but not really much about the visual memory problems im unsure of how much i should say due to maybe getting hospitalised or something

    sometimes i try to build the courage up to speak about it but the little i do say about it always gets met with the answer its part of depression basically deal with it

    which in turn leaves me more frustrated and even more confused sometimes i feel as if its best to keep it quiet

    ive long battled deppression and anxiety and can say this is not what i am trying to explain here this is somewhat different

    ive never been so scared of what i fear might be happening to me and feel scared of how to approach this situation with even them closest to me

    sorry about the spaces i find writing longer things with spaces like a list is a bit easier to understand because of the the way my mind is working at the moment the more i try to concentrate

    the more the words merge resulting in a lot of re-reading and confusion so please any long comments include spaces

    ive also tried to correct any spelling mistakes but may have missed some but please dont be critical about that it would be very detrimental

    on a side note my partner has just asked me what ive been writing for 9 hours

    i appologise in advance if i have said anything in a way i shouldnt have or if i sound patronising

    what im trying to find out is does this sound familiar to the experiences of members who have been diagnosed with either dementia or altzeimers

    if you think this indeed could be my problem please say and please dont hold back of where u think im at

    or do you think its something totally different

    please help

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    Welcome to TP

    If you feel you can perhaps you could keep a diary for a couple of weeks and then take it to your GP so he/she can see whats going on

    my GP and consultant found it really helpful and helped them with the diagnosis

    Lots of support Sarah
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    have sent you a private message Brian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snedds57 View Post
    have sent you a private message Brian.
    reply sent


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