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    What fundraising events would YOU go to?

    Just looking for ideas of fundraising events YOU would want to attend. All ideas welcome. Thank you x

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    hubby and I have been to many charity craft fairs. Also attended fund raising quizes

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    west country uk
    Lots of people are doing pamper days/evenings now, they're very popular in this area but mainly aimed at women - I'd go to one

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    Art exhibitions and craft events anything to do with chocolate!
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    I found this link interesting because we are always trying top raise funds for little treats and days out at Mum's care home.

    The next event we have organised is a Spring Fayre with stalls. I knit, crochet and sew a little. I thought I'd probably make some 'holiday essentials' kits, perhaps a little bag with toiletries (miniature size) in to take on holiday.

    A cake stall would be good, face painting for the kids (my daughter does that), jewelry stand, cards etc.

    Anyone got any good ideas for a fundraising stand?

    I like the idea of little 'kits' which I could make little bags for. Any ideas?
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    For Valentines Day dads nursing home are serving cakes in the lounge at 3pm.

    The spring fayre day has dog judging competitions.
    (Competitors are charged an entry fee.)
    Brick-a-brac stall
    Guess the cake weight
    Plant stall
    Book stall
    50p to stick your hand in a big box and pull out a prize
    £1 raffle ticket and certain numbers already entitle you to a prize
    Head message from one of the staff
    Ordinary raffle.
    Crafts stall. One of the residents knits small toys.
    A firm who come monthly to the home with owls charge £1.00 to let them fly to
    you and land on your arm.
    This year offcuts of Handmade soaps sold for 50p each. (Scout round local businesses for hand outs.)
    The kitchen produce a whole array of food, cakes etc and hotdogs and tea or coffee.

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    Hello , What a "Good Idea " for a "Thread " nice to "Swap " ideas like this ! & i like going to Charity Coffee Morning 's ( tho i do not drink Coffee ! they all ways do Tea as well ! ) & Afternoon Tea Parties are good ways of making Money & love going to that type of thing . Also Spring / Summer Fairs etc i go to !

    Good Luck with your "Event "

    Love Grove x
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    Hi All,

    At our day centre they sell homemade cards that are designed and made by people with Dementia, that attend the centre. I always try to buy mine there. So much work and effort has gone into making them.
    Got a lovely Mother's day today.
    Love Sonia xxxx

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    Thank you all for those lovely ideas.

    A neighbour asked me could I make aprons as they are so hard to find now. I thought I could make some with heart shaped pockets or other novelty ideas. I must say, I find an apron with big pockets so useful when tidying up. I just put everything in each pocket and it only needs a couple of trips upstairs with my hands free! Might make a couple of those.

    My daughter suggested egg cosies. I've knitted a few and managed to find egg cups in plastic at 4 for £1 at a local shop. My daughter will draw faces on them and the cosies will make 'hats'. I thought I'd put sweets in the cups and tie the whole thing up with cellophane and a ribbon. Do you think £1 each would be a fair price or maybe 75p? It should make a few pence and we donate all our outlay as we love doing it all so much!

    A friend is knitting 'phone hoodies.' They are little hooded cardigans, sewn up accross the bottom and halfway up the front. They even have little sleeves and look really cool. They should sell well. She got the pattern from a free knitting pattern site.

    As the ideas roll in I'll post them on here. In these austere times fund raising gets harder but I'm sure if we can keep up to date with 'trendy' ideas we'll manage to keep the treats flowing.

    Thanks, everyone.

    It's hard to feel as fit as a fiddle when you're the shape of a cello.


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