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    A pain free death

    I have started a blog!! possibly my first and last. My Mum died peacefully at home on Saturday. It was really beautiful. She just slipped away with my Dad holding her, and other family members supporting her and each other. This was my adult daughters first experiences of death and I am so happy that it was a positive one. My Mum was still walking and getting out to enjoy the Alzheimer's tea for two the week before she got taken ill (July 4th). She didnt leave the house after that and gradually deteriorated to being bed bound for final few weeks. We had amazing free care via 2 care agencies and did extra care and chasing ourselves. It was a hard experience but we have all learnt and gained so much from it as a family. My Mum had mixed dementia from approx. 2007 and entertained us greatly with her comments and humour until the last few days. Mum donated her body to science so i hope she will continue to contribute to medical advancement. What a star!!

    I have started the blog- a pain free death in case any one wants to share experiences of how to manage the last stages- how to manage the services on offer etc.

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    Hi Double Trouble

    I am so very sorry to read of your mums passing. I am so pleased it was peaceful with all her family around her.

    Prayers are with you and your family in the days to come.

    Linda x
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    It seems strange to respond to death being a positive experience, but clearly it was - which of course what we all want when the time comes. Sorry for loss, but so good that your lovely mum didnt suffer too much.

    Take care

    Sue xx

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    Dear Double Trouble

    What a very positive posting on such a sad occasion - thank you for sharing it.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Best wishes
    D x

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    Your mum is a Star indeed. And you are too for starting your blog which I am sure will be very helpful to many.

    I wish I had been a member of TP when my dad was still alive - I can hardly believe how much we didn't know about the disease and how it would affect him and all of us.

    Take care xx
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    Thank you , your post has given me hope. When decisions have to be made for someone you love ,all you wish for is pain free and peaceful. Patx

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    I'm glad that your mum had a pain free death and that she had good care. My mum died on 13th July and her end of life care was excellent - from GPs, district nurses and Marie Cure nurses as well as our own carers. Unfortunately she was in a lot of pain during the last two weeks but everyone did everything they possibly could and we were well supported as well.

    As with many others a main source of my own support during this time was from TP members - one of whom even came to the funeral.

    Take care. x
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    Thank you

    Thank you to all of you who replied.We were incredibly blessed or lucky (depending on your outlook) that my mum died so peacefully. I just wanted to throw a life line out as i know how tough it can be dealing with dementia and how worrying the end stages can be.

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    So sorry for your loss of your dear mum.
    Thankyou for sharing, your last hours with your mum and your family.
    I for one would like to read your blogs, you sound so positive about her life, good times and memories. There must have been some bad times for you all. But its nice that the good and funny times are able to come shining through.
    Take care of your dear Dad.
    Love Sonia xxxx


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