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    certified copy of power of attorney -what is this?

    I have now had power of attorney registered with the OPG. We did this ourselves as my mother refused to go to a solicitor. Some organisations are asking for a certified copy to be sent to them or put the original in the post. One said my mother could certify it herself by signing each copy. But do I have to write on each copied page "this is a certified copy" and then get her to sign it - all seems a bit perculiar. Luckily the bank say they would rather see the original and I have made an appointment to go in with my mother for this.

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    I've never heard of certifying a copy that way. The normal procedure (if you don't want to go back the OPG) is to call around local solicitors and ask how much they would charge to make certified copies.

    Do not under any circumstances mail that original or let it out of your hands.

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    A certified copy is one that is made and then signed by a professional person, usually a solicitor.

    Jenner if correct. NEVER let the original certificate out of your possession. It is fine to take it in as part of a personal appointment. But don't mail it to anyone.

    It's also not necessary for your mother to accompany you on your visit to the bank. The certificate is sufficient evidence of your authority as attorney, and you can do anything your mother could in financial terms. If the bank is saying your mother has to sign or authorise anything, they are wrong.

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    Hi Catherine .
    Yes dont post the original LPA , they may lose it or it may get lost in the post

    With banks you go in they take a photo copy of the original or certified copy and give it back to you , you may need to take some identification with you

    You may still be able to get a certified copies of the LPA from the OPG , their will be a charge, dont know how much .

    I cannot see that that by you mum signing a photo copy will make it a certified copy , noermally but not always , they are registered when the donor starts to lose or has lost capacity , the original and certified copies are legal documents ,
    a photo copy that you do yourself and signed by your mum (the donor)
    I dont think will be considered to be legal,but I may be wrong.

    As had already been said your mum doesn't have to go with you to the bank or other place for that matter , the LPA gives you the power to act on your mums behalf, they only need to see it and send the copy tbey do to there head office.

    Hope this helps
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    The Public Guardian will provide free copies of the LPA
    IF you request them at the time of applying ( after that copies cost £25)
    If you do not have a copy supplied by the PG you can get copies signed by a solicitor but this will probably cost more than £25
    As has already been mentioned you should never let the original out of your posession ( except where a bank for instance wants to copy the original while you are there)
    Your mothers signature will not make a copy valid
    Many members have made posts in the past where banksetc have disputed the valiidity of copies it may be worth noting that the official letter from the PG states:----
    "Schedule 1Part 2 s16 (1)of the Mental Capacity Act2005 states that
    A document purporting to be an office copy of an instrument registered under this schedule is , in any part of the United Kingdom,evidence of
    a) the contents of the instrument and
    b)the fact that it has been so registered"

    "This means therefore that these copies may be used as if they were the original themselves"


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