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    B57 = BF57 ?

    Application is made on a BF56

    The DWP then issue a BF57

    All that can be done is to ask the DWP why there is a delay and take it from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenniferpa View Post
    Mirium could you perhaps be a bit more specific about what a B57 form is?
    A bf57 would have been issued at the visit when you where made the appointee. It outlines your responsibly to act and what you have to do. See the dwp website.

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    Becoming an Appointee

    I have just registered as I did a google to find "opening appointee current account"
    This is because the current Appointee (Northamptonshire Council) are going to start charging for Appointee and Deputy services for there "customers", due to a £22m shortfall in gov. funding (we all know bailouts)

    It took me an age to track down the current Appointee, due to change of address which we were not aware of...

    I have read with interest all the comments and have downloaded BF56 form to fill in and it does state open account in your own name...

    It is all very confusing because banks want the "proof" which I think you get as a result of sending in BF56 (giving bank account details) before the bank will open an account

    I went to Halifax on 9th June 2012
    The Customer Rep started talking about POA.....

    In the meantime, the Council want to know the bank account details to "I will send our letter of relinquishment to The Pension Service."

    So basically, I am going to open an account in my name and keep everything separate.

    Thanks, for all the help on this site (it is now in my favs)

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    A very complex problem

    This is my first post and, as the title suggests, it may be a little complicated.
    Will attempt to make it as succinct as possible but I really am very much in need
    of advice and soon....

    Sibling was looking after mum (diagnosed with AD). Sibling's care was becoming
    increasingly questionable (mum's GP and nurse had "reservations") due to sibling's
    drinking and general behaviour (not administering mum's medication etc). Earlier this year I started looking after mum in my flat.

    As a result of this I am now in severe financial trouble due to my housing benefit having been stopped (couldn't prove my mother's income so council cancelled) and have a possession order against me next month. I myself am not in the best of health but my mind works, am totally sober and do not have a criminal record (unlike my sibling).

    Needless to say me and my sibling are not on the best of terms.

    Now, this is where it gets more complicated....

    My mother was living overseas and her pensions and savings are abroad as a result.
    She is fine with me looking after her and her affairs but, of course, I've had to explain to her that because of her memory problems (I try to keep the full implications of her diagnosis from her due to mood swings), it is not as simple as me just taking control of her affairs. I've explained on more than one occasion that I would have to seek a legal route.

    I have virtually no money to go down a legal route (although understanding relatives overseas have chipped in very kindly) and the process could take a long time.

    I was offered the option of appointeeship by someone from the council. However the full implications of this were not explained to me at the time. The problem I have with this is that whoever is appointed, they could veto certain things which I believe are absolutely necessary - sorting out the ownership of the house she was living in and repairs being carried out on that house.

    Very briefly the house she lived in (abroad) is due to be transferred to the family. Papers are in a solicitor's office, ready to be signed. I do not stand to gain at the expense of other family members because my father died without making a will; mum would get the majority of the house and me and my sibling would get the rest divided and I'm fine with that, other than my sibling is not very responsible or honest. My sibling, as much as I do see eye to eye with them, shouldn't be entitled to less than me.

    Reason why house is not owned by my family?
    Dad believed he bought a house but actually bought a strip of land - not the *actual* house.

    The 'owners' are OK with transferring the property, by the way....

    Anyway, point being is that if I had a cast iron guarantee that appointeeship would mean that ownership and repairs to the house would be sorted out, I'd go for it (assuming also that my rent arrears would be paid, of course). My mother is also not happy with the idea of appointeeship.

    Simply, I cannot find an affordable legal way of looking after my mother's affairs, mostly which are overseas. And time is running out as regards the flat that we now live in.

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    Hi cantthinkofname (and I totally understand where you are coming from with that) and welcome to Talking Point.

    I'm wondering if in fact when the person from the council mentioned appointeeship they were in fact talking about becoming a deputy? Becoming an appointee ONLY allows you deal with a person's state benefits such as pensions: it gives you no power over anything else such as property. And in fact the council is not responsible for giving you appointeeship - that would be down to the DWP.

    If this is the case, that you are talking about deputyship, just let me know and we can start a new thread for you. (Or, of course, you can start your own).

    I should however point out that even with deputyship, you probably wouldn't be able to manage your mother's overseas affairs - you would have to apply to the courts of the country in question to do this.

    Volunteer moderator and former long distance carer.

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    I have accounts with several banks. My mother had accounts with several others. When trying to manage her affairs when she was still alive, I found only one bank that posed no problems, was sympathetic and didn't ask my for anything unreasonable - the Halifax. When I got POA, they dealt with it with efficiency. When she died, the same. Since her death three years ago, other monies have come to light which meant I had to reopen accounts in the name of Executor. The Halifax was brill.

    The other banks - RBS, Santander, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nat West,and others, made it such hard work.

    Try the Halifax.



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    I do have LPA for my partner, would this make it easier to get her state pension transferred to my account. We have not discussed this subject yet, but would like to know what is best way forward. At the moment we have separate accounts. Thanks dostbury2

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    Quote Originally Posted by cilla89 View Post
    Can anyone help with opening a bank or building society account in my mum's name, to be managed by me?

    I am in the process of becoming an appointee,to manage her DWP benefits income only. I've contacted the Nationwide as I've banked with them for years, but no-one there seems to have any idea about appointeeship, it seems the only thing they know about is opening an account when you have power of attorney.

    Despite citing the British Bankers Association Helpguide, "Banking for People who lack capacity to make decisions" which sets out about appointees, I'm just hitting a brick wall, being advised to open a joint account(!) or get power of attorney (now no longer possible without going through the Court of Protection).

    Has anyone who is an appointee managed to open a bank account in their relative's name, managed by them - and if so, with whom? I'm looking for an internet account so I can manage it on line.


    Hi Cilla,

    I think you have to apply for POA to deal with finances. I'm just in the process with my mum through the Solicitor which is more expensive but I have to get Deputyship for my dad which is why I went this route.
    Go on to the site and complete the application on there for £110, this fee is for the OPG (Office of Public Guardian) where it has to be registered.


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    You are responding to a Jan 2011 post.


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