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    Tramadol & confusion/hallucinations

    My mother was referred to the memory clinic as she was very confused/forgetful and having hallucinations and had been deteriorating over several months. Memory nurse visited and mum scored 19 on MMSE. Since then mum had chest infection which developed into pneumonia and was hospitalised. Drugs changed and she was more or less taken off the Tramasol she had been taking for 18 mths (painkiller for oseoarthritis) Since then her memory has inproved, confusion is less and hallucinations have stopped. Has anyone else had any experience like this.

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    My only experience of Tramadol is when Mum was put on it for a while when in hospital for a cracked pelvis. Whilst in hospital, the extent of the dementia became apparent and, although I can't relate entirely to your experience, from what I recall I would think that your Mum may show some improvement to being taken off it.

    It's a fairly strong painkiller, isn't it?

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    I also take tramadol for a chronic pain condition (but only when i am desperate) as it puts me in bed for 3 days, it's a very strong drug and I experience lots of side effects within those 3 days, and one of the effects are I can't function mentaly very well at all as I feel that I am not with it if you know what I mean, it's like those 3 days have not happened I don't eat and only sip water when hubby makes me drink, this can only be done if he holds the glass and gives it to me. So I can understand how your mum may seem a bit brighter when she is not taking these tabs.
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