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    Thanks for your comments Meldrew. This is a sad time but we have been overwhelmed by supportive e mail from members of the LGBT community both from here and from all over the world.
    The service we were offering was unique and we KNOW that it was both apppreciated and was effective. Significantly only a matter of a few months ago, the Age Concern LGBT Group in Camden had responded to our work by specifically mentioning co-operating with us in a project which aimed to face the challenge of dementia within the LGBT community - that is now lost.

    I just dont know what is happening within the Alzheimers Society but what is coming out is not good.

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    Different. Yes and that's the issue

    Quote Originally Posted by kaidenlayth View Post
    Why it should make a difference if you are Gay or straight as to what care you are giving your partner?
    I'm not trivialising your position, just why it makes you different to some people is beyond me.
    Mum 12,500 miles away
    Hi Kim

    You are absolutely right and I'm pleased you understand. Whether Gay or Straight is not material. Unfortunately the public and professionals alike, even these days, remain intrigued at best and judgemental or embarassed at worst. Like a car crash, everyone stops to look! All because the relationship does not fit the conventional family model. It is the intrusiveness of the level of scrutiny that gets to me. The public show

    If we were Straight, assumptions would be made, usually correctly, and there there is no need to go into explanations. But as Gay men, we are not allowed to say we are married but civil partnered! Most look dumbstruck still not understanding what the relationship is. Consequently you have to spell it out!

    I'm sure there is a certain level of tiredness on my part in both caring for my Partner on one hand and having to explain that we are related by Civil partnership on the other.

    What makes us different is exactly that; we are different. It is up to all of us and society to accept and embrace differences. Sadly there is not a great track record on this, even when we think we have conquered prejudice, it is there, latent and part of our undesirable heritage.
    Regards Robert


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