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Many thanks for the replies and helpful suggestions. It would seem we need more evidence on the checklist, so I will work with Mum's CH Manager to obtain that.

It is a shame that they just bounce the application back without any help. When I called the Co-ordinator who assessed Mum's checklist, she explained in more detail why. She told me they also give guidance and training for professionals who are involved in completing the forms, so I will let the CH Manager know that ..... it seems to be the case that we just have to go digging for this information .... and keep chipping away. It sounds from some previous experiences I have read about on here, and heard about in Mum's CH, the chances of getting this funding is pretty remote in Dementia cases.

I just want to spend time with Mum at this stage - I don't want to have to be fighting the NHS for what is rightfully hers. The system is so unfair and biased against Dementia sufferers.
Some of the professionals are not as well trained in CHC assessments as others so you have to be aware of what is required and push for it. Using the right terminology is crucial, words like 'unpredictable' and 'at risk of falls'. Look at the wording in the checklist, it is a good starting point for your own comments.

Having Dementia will not qualify you for CHC as there are too many sufferers and it would cost the NHS millions, which they probably do not have. Eligibility will more than likely be on 'Underlying health needs' and this is where you need the expertise from the assessor to gather the appropriate evidence.

We keep a spreadsheet of all Dads infections, falls, change in medication, hospital admissions etc. the CHC assessor thought this was so helpful and printed it off for evidence. We also completed our own DST, not correctly but SW and DN were really pleased and moved all our findings to the correct domains.

A social worker should be involved even if you are a self funder and refused financial assessment. (We did). When they said he didn't need one, because he is a self funder, I asked them how did they know we weren't acting in his best interests, they still have a duty of care.

The idea of it being a joint health and social review is that if you are not eligible then the care will either fall to SS if LA funded or be self funded so promoting 'continuity' of care with minimum stress. Mmmmm......they need to work on that one!

Assessments should be based on 'worst case scenario' and also on the care that is put in. If our Dad was on his own......well even his consultant said she was surprised to see him still with us. (She was also happy to say this as part of our evidence).

Sorry for droning on....Good luck with your application and sometimes it it luck 🍀

Polly and Barb x