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Thread: Jet lag

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    Jet lag

    I've suddenly realised that a few days after Christmas we shall be jettting off to Barbados. I haven't done a long haul flight for years and suddenly am worrying about the effects of Jet Lag on my confusion and also how I will cope in so totally different an environment. (Ungrateful madam that I am)
    Does anyone have any tips?

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    You will probably be fine going out Shelagh because the added on time is relatively OK. It`s when you return you might have problems.

    The only advice I can give is give yourself time to sleep it off when you get home and allow your body to dictate until you are back in sync.

    Have a wonderful holiday. xx


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    I agree with Sylvia. Sleep when you need to, and don't allow yourself to get overtired.

    I do hope that you have a wonderful holiday. We shall look forward to seeing the photographs on your return. Love n'hugs

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    No suggestions, but I do wish you a wonderful holiday. Wow Barbados, how wonderful is that. We only ever had one longhaul flight to the Maldives in 1999 and that was just a wonderful holiday all around. Enjoy

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    Shelagh, you've already been given the best advice. Allow your body to dictate what you do when you get back.

    My husband suffers a lot from jet lag and it will take a week for him to feel fully normal after a trip overseas. Me, I'm good the next day. When I fly to the UK, I try to stay up as long a possible when I arrive & normally get to bed very early the first night. Then I'm in sync the next day. After for returning home, I'll be going back to work so I really don't care.

    Enjoy your trip!
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    Sometimes sleep is just the medicine we all need, plenty of that and you will be fine, are you flying with Coconut Airways and is Tobias Wilcock the Captain ??

    Just for you Shelagh
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    Hi Shelagh,

    Wow lucky you jetting off to Barbados as everybody else sit at home shivering in the cold and snow; I doubt you will have any problem with jet lag flying out of the UK but you might experience it when you return so just give your body and mind time to readjust in its own way with sleep, I think one dilemma you might experience when you return will be the sudden climate change back to the cold bleak weather and want to go jetting back to the sun!

    I doubt the environment or cultural change will have any effect on you apart from making you feel extremely exuberant and one of the things I’ve learnt after many years of jetting around and now being an expat with Alzheimer’s is to let yourself “Go with the flow of the surroundings” so get ready to go on holiday with a calm mind and don’t get over anxious about it and enjoy every moment,

    Then when you return make sure you upload some photos for us all to see as I’m sure everyone will appreciate a bit of your holiday sunshine, have a great time
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    Hello Shelagh - apart from the good advice already given I would say snack on fairly high energy foods whenever you feel like it too. & keep very well hydrated.......
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    Tony & I leave for Delhi tomorrow morning for 10 nights. I have my anti depressants with me and my lovely patient partner Tony will make sure I am organised. He has had to direct my packing. After a massive mix up between me and the doctor I now have antidepressants so hopefully I will be able to make the best of the holiday. Watch this space to see if I can get a pikkie in front of the Taj Mahal.


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    You will love it. We went last year and had a great time. Bill loved every minute of it - I just made sure I took the Anti Depressants and the Aricept. You'll see my atavar is acpic of me and Bill in front of Taj Mahal! Have a wonderful time!! Izzy x
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    Just want to wish you a wonderful holiday hope you enjoy it to the full. What a lovely place to choose. Enjoy


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