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    Free Dementia Signage

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm pretty new to this but have got interested since my husband started working for a charity supporting people with dementia and their families / carers.

    He is always telling me about what they are doing. After attending an event a few weeks ago, and after meeting some of the people who are getting help from his work, I thought I would get involved and try and help myself !

    He is currently working on a website, and one of his latest developments is Dementia Signage that can be downloaded and printed on A4 paper and used around the home or care centre.

    This is free !!! The link is or

    Hope you find it useful !

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    Just to add that, for those who don’t know, The Dementia Centre is one of a number of services provided by a charity called PSS.

    Apart from people with dementia, PSS also provide a range of social care services to other people who may need support.



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