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    Links between ECT and vascular dementia?

    I'm almost scared to ask this, but does anyone out there know if there is any potential cause from ECT (electro convulsive therapy) that can lead to vascular dementia?

    My mum has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia, but has been wrongly diagnosed for the past 3 years and is now very ill. The 'professionals' have finally done an MRI scan and discovered extensive brain damage. Mum has had 2 courses of 12 ECT treatments.

    Any advice gratefull received.

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    I can understand your concerns. I have done a brief (very brief) survey of literature available on google and have not found anything to indicate that it can actually cause damage. Most of what is out there are studies that discuss if it effective for treatment of depression when there is dementia, but nothing indicates that the dementia worsens as a result. This is a typical example

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