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Thread: Ticking clocks

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    Ticking clocks

    I wonder has anyone else suffered a 'heightened awareness' following loss?

    I spent so much of mum's last couple of weeks at her bedside with no sound other than the ticking of her clock .... (she didn't want TV or music on) ..... I now cannot bear to hear one ..... home isn't a problem - have gone round taking batteries out and will have to start replacing wall clocks with pictures that don't make a noise!!!!!!! But even at work I have suddenly become aware of a clock ticking (never noticed it before) and I can't demand my collegues remove it for my sake ......

    Hopefully this will pass - but I feel like I'm developing 'ticking clock phobia' and just when I think I am doing well .... it drives me back to a place and time I am trying hard to erase ...

    Any thoughts? Thanks, Karen, x

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    Ticking Clocks

    Dear Karen,

    For the last 18 months that Peter has been in the E.M.I. Unit and being in the house by myself, Peter's pendulam clock really gets on my nerves.

    There are four clocks in our lounge (what makes you think Peter loved clocks?)

    In my bedroom, trying to sleep and the tick, tick of the clock - out comes the battery.

    I have put it down to the emptiness of no longer having Peter at home that my hearing has became more aware of noises.

    Love from
    Christine xx

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    Hi Karen


    Mine is not ticking but a scent..the scent of peaches which was the air freshener used in Mum's nursing home. It was a scent I used to love in my home. I used peach oil on wooden peaches that I had.

    Now it just means grief and sadness to me too, a reminder of sad and dark days..


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    I'm another tick-twitcher. Hate it! Even the battery operated clocks 'tick' with the movement of the second hand, don't they.

    Only answer I've come up with so far (when it is possible) is smother the wretched sound by having a radio or music on to blur it out.

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    Hi Kaz

    I dont have the problem with clocks, mum always hated ticking clocks, so all her's were quiet.

    Silly things can upset us though. I remember the day mum died, and after the funeral director had taken her, I was searching through her room trying to find something that had her smell. The NH being so efficient all her clothing was freshly washed and ironed. I got myself in a right state about it, then one of the nurses rememberd they had taken out a cardigan of mum's the day before for washing, bless her she hunted and found it, and it hadnt yet been washed. I treasure that cardi, and when Im feeling really low I have a right good sniff at it, so stupid, but it just brings her closer to me.

    Its early days yet sugar, you are doing just fine.
    Cate xxxx


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