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    good days and bad

    Hello, im new to all this as i explained earlier in a thread my mum is possibly in the early stages of vasular dementia, can anyone tell my why she has 3 or 4 really bad days (crying, very upset, angry, not eating etc) then has a near perfect day. Im just trying to come to terms with whats happening to my mum.
    thanx j

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    Hello ~Singring

    I'm afraid I can't say why your mum has these bad days and good days, all I can say is that this is what seems to be most talked about on Talking Point in one way or another. There seem to be good moments and not so good moments along the journey.

    My husband has some very good days but only yesterday he pointed to a plug on an appliance and said "what's this for?" I tried to explain but he didn't understand. The other night he was pale and very shakey because he thought there was someone downstairs and today he looks as strong and fit as ever.

    I think it's part of these diseases. I have learned to make the most of every good moment and I do treasure them.

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    I think many of us would like an explanation. My husband has mixed dementia and recently there is possible evidence of tia's - mini strokes. He is terrible on those days but may be quite bright and perky for a day or two afterwards. Then for no apparent reason he goes downhill again.

    Today has been terrible - I have just done the MMSE test on him myself and he scores 16 - 4 weeks ago it was 18 - 6 months ago it was 24! These scores should not be taken too seriously but they do indicate one individual decline.

    As Helen says, treasure the good days. Love Jan

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    I can only agree with Helen and say even though the majority of sufferers have good days and bad days, no-one seems able to explain why.

    Sadly this won`t help you.

    I often get lulled into a sense of false security thinking my husband has turned a corner, only to find out I was wrong again.

    I hope tomorrow is a good day for you and your mother.


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