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Thread: Ashes

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    Evermore glass

    There is a very kind and talented lady in St Ives who makes glass beads with cremation ashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spamar View Post
    The friend who did one of the eulogies for OH stood beside the coffin, but turned and faced it on occasion, even patted it, like you would if you patted someone's shoulder. He did a wonderful job, had practically everyone there in tears!
    I saw a similar thing when a friend's dad died. There were four children, each spoke about a different facet of their dad's life and as they returned to their seat, each stood at the foot of the coffin and said a few words of farewell. Very moving.

    Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.

    Isaac Asimov

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    It is such a poignant thing to do for someone...the eulogy I mean. On the subject of the ashes...I had a locket with a photo of my husband and a lock of hair...and it was attached to my watch strap...short story, I lost it. Horrible. I like the idea of the engraved ring, if you want to wear something, that would be much more secure. I'm seriously considering a tattoo, for a very precious granddaughter...but I am SO not a typical person for that, so I'm still thinking.


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