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    I have just been diagnosed with intensive widespead small vessel disease, what's next

    As above.

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    hello Trash
    and welcome to TP
    it's a good place to come to share your experiences with sympathetic and understanding folk who have dementia in their lives in some way
    so although your diagnosis has probably pulled the carpet from under your feet, the members here will support you - and there are quite a few who themselves have a diagnosis
    so settle in, maybe have a read around, and post again with anything that's on your mind - no comment or question is off limits - and for a bit of relaxation there's the tea room and the weekly chat thread, to just chit-chat
    probably what's next is a period of letting the dust settle - then maybe look at some legal stuff eg Powers of Attorney, your will - having a chat with your GP just to keep hem up to date - having a chat with your family and friends - and taking each day at a time
    you are the person today you were yesterday, so take time to grasp this news
    and come back here whenever, to write whatever is on your mind
    best wishes
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    Hello Trash

    I hope you have a doctor who will give you time and explain your diagnosis. I know little about it but there is a Thread here which may give you some insight.

    Others who know more about it may come on line and offer further information.

    Stay with TP. I know you will be well supported.

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    Thanks Granny

    Thanks Granny, it did help but also it didn't. My GP phoned to day and told me there was nothing to worry about despite the consultants diagnosis as "Extensive Widespread Small Vessel Disease". I am still no further forward.
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