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    Thank you Aisling and everybody else who replied. The only thing that is a little concerning is a strange feeling in my legs which is either anxiety or something else. Essentially, my legs may feel a bit weird when walking, like they are very tense or something, especially in the calf muscle area. There is also some tremors when resting.

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    Hello fishmahboi

    It`s amazing what anxiety and stress will do to you and the more you worry the more symptoms develop.

    Do you think you could be helped by listening to a relaxation CD. There are many on the market. You could even relax by listening to some favourite music. Just 20 minutes in a comfy chair or lying on the bed or the floor could work wonders.

    You have nothing to lose by trying.


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    Sudden blackout?

    Thanks, I think you're right. One new thing that happened today was my vision briefly going black and coming back. It happened for like a millisecond, but it was noticeable to me. Not sure if it's related to CJD since a lot of my symptoms now have basically subsided. Hand twitching has lessened greatly, I can walk properly without real balance issues and my hand-eye co-ordination has greatly improved.


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