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    And so it goes on...

    Not posted for a while but just thought people should know. My OH is now well into his 17th month in secure hospital for elderly people with mental health problems. Now certain this is totally the wrong place for him to be on the back of professional intervention. Just had Hospital Managers Meeting which was nothing more than a tick box exercise. The panel were obviously ill prepared and blinkered. Second Mental Health Tribunal mid July. Have been in touch with my MP who is well recognised and vociferous. Am taking his advise and all I can say is I have every intention of following it to the letter.. I still continue to do the work of professionals at no cost because if I didn't then things would not 'progress'. Am absolutely worn out, disillusioned, and fed up of the whole damn thing and...... am starting to feel like I don't care any more.

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    Please keep caring baxter. If we give up what chance do those we are caring for have.

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    It sounds like an absolute nightmare Baxter, you must be feeling worn out, both mentally and physically, after all this time.

    Thank goodness you are receiving strong guidance and advice from your MP and have someone who can be vociferous in your corner.

    You have been amazing in the way you have been representing your husband's best interests. I know it must feel like a never-ending nightmare but please stay strong. You have come this far, surely a resolution must soon be in sight.

    Keep posting, we are here for you.

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    Cheer up Baxter. Things could be worse. I did and, yep, they got worse! Not a joke really as I can sympathise. Sometimes just seems like a constant battle with no light at the end of the tunnel. (oops. mixed metaphors)

    I have also not found so called professionals helpful. But as a previous poster said, it is all down to us.

    I wish you well and hope things get a little easier for you.


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