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Thread: Live in care

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    Live in care

    Hello, this is my first post. My mum has been suffering with dementia for about 7 years now. I'm considering arranging live-in care, since my father is really struggling to cope on his own with my mother. I'm wondering if anyone has experience of hiring and arranging visas for qualified nurses from other countries. A good friend overseas has recommended a qualified nurse from India. I don't know how easy this might be to arrange, or if indeed it is a viable option.

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi Third Sibling, welcome to TP
    Live in care was discussed quite recently, there's a link to the thread below.
    On the second point bringing someone from abroad, it's not something I know anything about but I would say that any advice give must be considered in the light of the impending general election.
    We don't discuss politics on here but I'm sure you're aware that immigration policy may change dependant on the outcome of the election and advise on what people have done in the past may not be relevant if the government do make any changes to the immigration rules.
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    Hi, i arranged live in care for my mum last November. Mum has Alzheimer's. It lasted 5 weeks. The carer was Polish and was flown over specially. She was nice enough but lacked training in cooking english basics and when things got tricky with mum, she lacked the experience to manage the situation and mum ended yo in hospital. Maybe we were just unlucky... Mum is now in a care home, which has also been a difficult transition. If i had my time again i would choose an english speaking mature lady, who is able to cook the kinds of food mum liked and has something in common so that they can build a relationship. Good luck!

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