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    MIL with dementia

    My MIL was diagnosed with Alzheimer's some years back. Since then she has had an obsession with shopping, to the point where she visits the same supermarket up to 3 times a day. She's also obsessed with feeding "animals" in the garden, the only things we have visiting are pidgeons. She chucks out any food onto the lawn and has a break down if you try to put it into the bin. Recently, she's been drying tea towels on a hot grill. I was wondering what other odd habits people have observed with their family members ?

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    hello Fellainthesea
    welcome to TP
    obsessions of all kinds are pretty common, and many carers have to become pretty good at lateral thinking to find ways around the ensuing turmoil - have a mooch around the site and you'll come across descriptions of quite a few interesting situations
    with the 'bird food', maybe try tidying it all up when your MIL isn't looking (can your wife distract her in a room where she can't see what you are doing) - don't mention it to your MIL, just do it - you may have to keep this up, but better than having rats in the garden
    the tea towels drying on a hot grill is actually very worrying, and may be the signal that annoying/silly behaviour is tipping into dangerous behaviour which puts your MIL at risk - any chance of dealing with the grill, so that she cannot use it this way - maybe provide an alternative eg one of those hangers that fit over a radiator (though any alternative may just be ignored) - and maybe look carefully at how your MIL uses her hob/oven/microwave/kettle and her electric/gas fire - hopefully she leaves the central heating controls alone, and the boiler
    my dad also went through a phase of turning everything off at the socket, which sounds fine, but not when it included his phones which needed to be charged up, and the TV which was one of the new fairly slim, not very stable ones and he had to lean over it to reach to the socket behind
    so worth being vigilant
    best wishes
    And all shall be well and
    All manner of thing shall be well
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