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Thread: Chewing aids

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    Chewing aids

    Hi there, I'm a Newbie

    Does anyone have experience of people with vascular dementia biting and chewing cushions, cables etc? Have you used autism chew aids to help ?
    All advice very welcome, thank you.😄

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    Have you had their teeth checked? Could they verbalise toothache?

    A dry flannel would be more appropriate than cushions.
    Better quality dog chewy toys maybe more readily avalible than fancy autism ones, and more age appropriate than baby toys.

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    chewing cushions

    Hey there Diva's Daughter.
    My mum's dementia is at an advanced stage and she has no speach and cannot walk she also doesn't actually chew - she has only one tooth. She puts everything that she can into her mouth and sucks on it. Her right index finger is her favourite and the skin became discoloured and wrinkled. I bought her an autistic friendly chew toy from Amazon. It's the second one as the care home lost the first one. It suits her needs perfectly. She can hold it herself and it is really soothing rather like a baby with a "dummy" there are different types some are more robust for vigorous chewers and there are lots of different shapes and colours.

    Ark Therapeutic Krypto-Bite Chewable Gem Necklace Chewelry Soft Magenta is the name of our one. I'd certainly recommend that you have a look at what's available. They can be very useful.


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