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    How wife got better!

    I bought a lavender neck pillow – she keeps it on the radiator to keep warm. It helps for sleeping and as a comfort during the day. You can get them in boots. M
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    Coming off Aricept

    I too would be interested in info on this my mother in law has just been put on Aricept and I am now concered that this will be a problem later M
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    new diagnosis

    Hi Petal, I would move now while things are still good I wish we had! Sounds sad on the brother’s front. How about writing to them? It is difficult for someone to get angry and walk out when it’s a letter (or email). They may be afraid of the situation and if you can make them understand...
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    Advise Please

    It’s nice and at the same time not nice to read all the same things that are happening to us. My mother in law has just been diagnosed with early stages (what ever that means!) Alzheimer’s. We only realised there was a problem after my father in law died about 6 months ago who we now...