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    Things to do at the nursing home

    Activities Hi I used to be an activity organiser in a Nursing Home for Dementia Clients. i went on a course called SONAS aPc which stands for Activating Potential For Communication. I have found this very useful and enjoyable for myself and the clients i have worked with. if you are...
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    Care Homes

    Kareng I have residents and relative meetings once a month. this is facilitated by the Princes Royal Trust for Carers
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    How wife got better!

    Aromatherapy It was lovely to read your letter about alternative therapies. i my self am an aromathepist. I have used lavender oil on residents in my care home to give hand and arm masages when they are restless. That along with soft tropical music can indeed help to elevate agitation. Good...
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    Care Homes

    Hi Kareng & Jennie i am sorry i didn't get back sooner but i a new to the internet and quite frankly i am not very good. it has taken me 35 minutes to get this far. i hope i am able to reach you. In answer to your question as to how you can communicate more effectively with the manager and...
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    Care Homes

    I am a residential care home manager i look after 23 residents 6 who have dementia. i was so sad to read how some of you feel about people like myself. I am aware that not all care homes work to a high standard, but most of us do. I am not saying we are perfect but we really try to support...