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    my much loved pappy passed away in my arms last night

    thank you everyone for all your support. in the end we didn't need a meeting with the GP my dad decided it was time for him to go x
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    Mums poorly again :-(

    "Is it going to be the same thinking this is it and then go back tomorrow and she is laying there bright as a button. sorry that makes me sound very selfish" hi Tina what you said above is exactly how i feel, its like being on an emotional roller coaster and i want to get off ! i am glad i am...
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    How do I get mental health team to DO SOMETHING

    "failure in duty of care" this will make them sit up and notice !
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    has anyone been in this position

    hi we have a meeting next week with dad's GP. thanks again for all your replies
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    hi i don't think much about CPN'S the one we had was useless , but i am sure there must some out there that are worth there weight in gold , unfortunately ours wasn't
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    Completely lost my rag today

    hi firstly i think procedures sometimes outweigh common sense sometimes. where was the common sense in having your relative upset that like. however on the flip side of this coin they do have to follow protocol etc. but your only human and we all get frustrated and angry ( i know i have ) no...
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    has anyone been in this position

    hi Debbie thinking of you in this horrible situation xxxxxxxxxxxxx just about to ring dad's GP will let you know how it goes
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    has anyone been in this position

    thank you so much for your replies it really does help. i am going to call dads GP on Monday to see if as a family we can have a meeting. i sat and talked this through with one of my dad's nurses who was very transparent and answered every question i asked and the Liverpool care pathway was...
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    has anyone been in this position

    hi everyone i would welcome some advice on this please my dad (80) is end stage now. the issue at the moment is chest infections. in the last 8 months he has had 6 chest infections which have been treated with antibiotics. the problem is we are in a vicious cycle. he eats (pureed) food he...
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    Bed Side Rails - Home needs permission/signature - any additional advice?

    hi my dad fell out of bed often and although his bed has rails on they are never raised up due to health and safety there have been cases of people hurting themselves with the rails. he has a crash mat on the floor next to his bed , the bed is on the lowest setting. however he fell...
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    NHS Approved care homes/PCTfunding

    just to say congratulations on getting the funding its not an easy process i took the decision to panel three times i challenged them on everything to be honest i think they got sick of me and gave it to us . you shouldn't have to fight for it but i would say keep trying saffie your husband...
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    just an update and to ask you guys for advice

    thank you for replying and yes "bowled over" is exactly how i feel. i play music to dad his favorite tunes which does seem to settle him. i have tried hand massage but he just pulls his hands away. so music it is . oh i did buy him some aftershave he used to wear when i was growing up (old...
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    just an update and to ask you guys for advice

    hi everyone i haven't posted much (think i have only done four posts) dad is now in the final stages cant walk, talk eat much he spends most of his time in bed. he is slowly detaching from us he wont even look at me now, he is half his body weight and has had 6 chest infections in the last 7...
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    hi i am back

    hi well we had the assesment for dad for NHS continuing care and he didnt get it he was not severe enough ( although we know he is ) these people have no idea i felt like taking her to dad and saying look at him although i did say what i felt and i dont think they liked that but i dont care...
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    hi i am back

    hi everyone i visited this forum way back when dad was in the early stages of alzheimers i will tell you a bit about my dad and where we are at now. my dad was diagnosed when he was 70 he is now 79 so thats 9 years that as a family we have managed to care for dad and keep him at home with...
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    dads unusual symptoms

    hi all thanks for your replies:) nell my dad had been suffering with bronchitus so there may be some truth in the coughing episode skye i looked at the link you posted it was very interesting and thought provoking i will be bringing this subject up next time my dad see's the...
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    dads unusual symptoms

    hi everyone just wanted to ask if anyone has encountered the following symptoms this all started some time ago he collapsed in the bathroom and appeared to be having some sort of fit we called an ambulance and off he went to hospital after a cursary exam we were told he had been coughing to...
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    found a more suitable home for repite care for dad

    hi everyone i am pleased to report that we have looked at another home for my father it is much more suitable for him:) my mum is pleased and is willing to give respite another go. the staff were lovelly and fully trained in all matters relating to alzheimers even trained in dealing with...
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    i am a new member

    an update hi everyone my dad asked my mum if he had done something bad and was that why he had to come home. he recalled the incident and my mum had to fill in the gaps for him he was very upset at what he had done but a couple of hours later he had forgotten all about it again i hope he...
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    i am a new member

    hi everyone thank you so much for your replies and the support:) we brought dad home yesterday he has no recollection of the incident ( a member of staff witnessed it) we had to lie to him about why mum came home early ( i hate lying to him) . he cannot go back to that particular home as...