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    Struggling to let people visit

    I had the exact same problem with my mum. Before I moved in with my mum to look after her, my cousin and my mums best friend helped her out but once I moved in she didn't want to know them. She was verbally aggressive with them telling them to get out and they weren't wanted etc. Her best...
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    Hospital or home

    I have been told that my mum is now at end of life and probably will die in weeks. She is in hospital. The hospital is not like a normal hospital, its more specifically for elderly people and people with dementia. They are well staffed and very friendly. I am torn between leaving her at the...
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    Afraid to move in hospital bed

    Thank you x. I will discuss with the doctor. Its hard to look at her in so much fear.
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    Afraid to move in hospital bed

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help. My mum has end stage dementia. She had a stroke 2 weeks ago. She is not eating or drinking a lot. One worrying thing is she doesn't move in her hospital bed which obviously is seizing her body up and making bed baths/changing her very painful. She seems to...
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    Driving question

    My mum was becoming a danger on the road through her dementia. She wouldn't hear of giving up driving so I told her that when it was her next birthday she would have to take a new driving test and also would have to see her GP to get a full health check - both physically and mentally because of...
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    Went up to the bathroom and when I come down mum asked if I had seen her body upstairs. I said no mum. You only have one body and you are wearing it. She said "as long as you have one". You've gotta laugh otherwise you would just stress out with all the weird conversations.
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    Struggling to let people visit

    I hope someone can help. I look after mum 24/7 and we muddle through. One of my main problems is when my cousin comes to visit. Before I came with mum she was a godsend taking care of her but now as soon as she arrives mum wants her to leave saying things like "can't u stay in your own...
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    There is a guy in lurgan who provides free wheelchairs. Not sure how you can contact me directly for contact information as i dont want to publish his details for all to see. just joined the group do not sure how it works